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Feast your eyes upon these Luella beauties

silver cracked leather luella bag luella missy canvas bag 2006 luella joni bag brown leather luella
Silver Cracked Leather
This delightful metallic bag retails for just under $1000 - probably about £600 in the UK.
Luella Missy Quilted Tote
A nice quilted bag. I wonder if it stays warm inside.It is made from leather with silver coloured metal work.
Canvas Hobo Bag
A cheap canvas Hobo Bag from the 2006 Luella Bartley collection for Go International at Target (see note about Go International below).
Luella Joni Bag
This is a really stylish bag. It has all those little touches an expensive bag ought to have, such as a branded padlock, two trademark hearts dangling from the side and a great attention to detail.
Brown Leather Luella Bag
This bag first appeared in 2005 and retailed at over $1000. Perhaps now it is a few seasons old you will be lucky and find one at a reduced price. It is a really lovely bag, again sporting the trademark hearts and padlocks.

Go International

Target's Go International is a fashion company that works with leading designers to make designer fashions available to those with more modest budgets. Target partners with designers to bring out a range of cheaper items for every customer. They have partnered with Luella Bartley and Behnaz, amongst others. However, purists argue that items mass produced for the consumer market are not true designer items. They maintain that they are just cheap, mass produced items with a designer label attached.

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