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This site does not sell anything, we just provide information on Luella bags.

Luella Baby Giselle BlackLuella Giselle Leather ToteHowever, if you would like to browse a selection of discounted genuine Luella bags online, we recommend either MyTheresa or Yoox. These companies are international and deliver world wide. Yoox has regional offices in the USA, Europe and Japan, MyTheresa is based in Germany (but the site is in English).

The bags displayed left and right, the Luella Classic Baby Giselle Tote and the Luella Giselle Leather Tote are both currently available at MyTheresa.

The screen prints below show the Luella bags that are currently available from Yoox, together with their pricing (in UK pounds). If you click on the image below, it will take you directly to the page where you can buy the bags.

luella bags at yoox

Buying from Yoox, you can be assured that you are buying genuine Luella, and not a plastic fake.

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